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From Summer to Fall

This is the season of bonfires, as the year's dead vegetation is consigned to the flames. Chickens will head straight for any ashes left over from a bonfire, so make sure they've cooled down to avoid any accidental roast chickens!

Jessica Umpleby's chickens love feeding on the fallen fruit in the garden
Chickens enjoy the soft fruits of Fall

As the days get shorter and the nights start to draw in its important to remember to lock the door of your chicken coop promptly at dusk, to make sure night-prowling predators don't try to snatch an early supper. And finally, sort out your compost heap and give it a good turn, to make sure all those chicken droppings are working their magic for next year.

Customer Images

This is a better view!
You two go ahead whilst I just flap my wings a little
More fun together
I'll have to go on my own if you two are staying!
Autumn brings bugs and leaves for chickens to play with
Woodland hens free ranging searching for worms
Chicken eyeing up apple
Hens eating blackberries out of hand
Hen being tempted by blackberries in hand


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