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Edgar, 8 June 2021

What dose it mean when the mail French flits his tail and makes clicking sound

Stan, 4 June 2021

I have a gouldian finch it stopped chirping a month ago it was sleeping and probably got scared it was flying around in the cage and since then it stopped chirping it’s feathers are fading and falling off. It will chirp 1 to 5 times for the day any advice would be appreciated

Jen, 15 May 2021

We had two greenback Lady Gouldian Finches approximately 2.5 years old. They lived in the same cage since we became their adopted home. They always gotten along, Last spring they laid 20 eggs. Overall the female was much more hardy and stronger than male. The male was gentle and sweet and sadly passed away today suddenly after being puffed out for three days. I watch the two of them interact most of the days. Nothing in their habitat changed. But all of a sudden he was on the floor of the cage one day at 3pm. I last checked on them at 12pm. I assumed he injured himself in flight. That was ruled out once I realized he was able to move and fly. The female was aggressive with him when he was puffy and he seemed scared of her. Any time she would come close he would leave. Long story short - I am wondering what role the female played in his death? She doesn’t even seem to care he died today while we are all very heartbroken.

Grey, 11 April 2021

I have a female and a male zebra finches, so when the male wants to mate with her, she doesnt let him. She would keep on jumpint from stick to stick and doesnt let him get on top of her. What should i do?

Annie, 7 April 2021

I woke up this morning to find that my female zebra finch had killed my male finch. I was so upset. He was the sweetest finch I ever had. He had been chasing her around and she was avoiding him lately. They have eggs she’s been sitting on for more than two weeks but have not hatched. They had another batch previously they abandoned. Its very unusual that they were aggressive with each other because when i first brought him in they hit it off right away and slept in the same nest. She did not get along with her previous mate, who was stolen from the cage. They wouldn’t sleep in the same nesting area together. But she took so well to this one and then they had eggs. I have had Finches for years and I’ve never seen aggressive behavior, much less where one killed the other. Wish I had read these posts earlier, I would have separated them. Thinking he was horny but she was not, being an expectant mother and all? Or maybe he’s infertile since eggs may not hatch? Lesson here is to separate your finches if you see aggressive behavior, because apparently it can lead to murder. Having a Viking funeral on the lake for sweet little Stormy this weekend. Best to all the bird lovers out there.

Sarah, 29 March 2021

Hi, i have a pair of bengalese finches that have laid 4eggs, but i also have 2male zebras, now sometimes the female being sits on her eggs but one of the zebs keeps taking over the eggs, should I remove him, or will he rear the young himself?

Lucille, 17 March 2021

My society finches were doing great had 3 babies. They all sleep in one nest but the last two days the two males are fighting one male will not let the other male into the nest. I feel bad every time he tries to go in the other one attacks him and he’s out of the nest by himself. What could have happened to change them getting along

Xenia, 25 February 2021

Why my zebra finch sleeps a lot after laying up two eggs? Is it normal? Or should I visit a vet?

Finch, 5 May 2020

I can see aggressive behavior of male finch after matting season, and female finch become thin after sitting on eggs. Red color skin is visible for 2 place,because of missing feather, so my question one egg is already hatched so can I move male from the cage because of aggresive behavioir or female for some rest please guide me.

David, 9 February 2020

Hmm I have two Diamondtail Firefinches, they started out in a cage with a pair of Gouldians and Parrot Finches but became extremely aggressive against the others (often heard shrieks of pain :o) So I finally separated the Diamondtails into their own 120x120 cage and they seemed fine at first, the female laid several sets of eggs which never hatched, but yesterday I noticed one was chasing the other around (guess the male?) all over the cage, went in today to find the slightly smaller one was missing feathers from her? his? entire back of head and back of shoulders, and was in fact bleeding from both spots. Immediately took the injured bird out for now and left the other one alone. Acc'd to a breeder this overly aggressive bird will never be compatible with any other birds from now on and would have killed it's mate for whatever reason if it had been left together any longer. Feel bad because it is calling out constantly alone in its cage, but don't trust to put any other birds with it. The other one will take a few weeks or more to recover anyhow, might even need to bring it to a vet? Diamond Firetails are pretty aggressive, wish I had stuck with the Gouldians and Parrots alone, oh dear.

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