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Using Burrow Pipes For Guinea Pigs

The more effort you put into a Guinea pig’s environment, the more satisfying its life will be. They are inquisitive animals, and love nosing through all the nooks and crannies their hutch and run have to offer.

You can enhance their living space by providing Guinea pig activity tunnels linking hutches to runs and playpens. It’s a practical add-on that appeals to the animal’s instincts too – in the wild they are wary of open spaces, darting for cover under a bush or in a grass tunnel, whenever they sense danger.

The Zippi Guinea Pig Burrow Pipe System connects the hutch to the run

The Zippi Guinea Pig Tunnel System

The Zippi Guinea Pig Tunnel System is custom made with all this in mind – something that keeps the Guinea pigs happy at an instinctive level, while providing a practical addition to your set up, and bringing hours of fun for the family. The Zippi’s Guinea pig burrow pipes connect all the different areas used by your pets. Its Guinea pig hutch connector is suitable for whatever house you have provided for your pets – whether that’s an The Eglu Go Hutch, a traditional wooden hutch, or something you've put together yourself. It connects very handily to the Zippi Playpens and Runs and the Outdoor Guinea Pig Run.

Each section of Zippi Guinea pig tube is 180 mm (7.1 inches) wide – the perfect size for all breeds to squeeze through. It’s a durable, weatherproof, predator-proof, year-round system, flexible enough to go around trees, along the bottom of fences, or across/around any other obstacle in your garden. It also has various add-on attachments (T-Junctions, Corner Pieces, Look-Outs and Hay Racks) to make it as versatile as you require.

A hayrack provides a fun feeding station for Guinea pigs

The Zippi system has optional support hoops too, to keep it clear of the lawn. If required, you can fit lock-out doors to keep areas Guinea pig-free in bad weather, or for cleaning or rearranging your Zippi Guinea Pig Tunnel System.

A set-up of hutch, runs and Guinea pig pipes gives you the best of all words – the hutch can be kept close to the house, while the pets can access fresh grass in runs and playpens without having to be lifted and carried every time.

Turn your Guinea Pig's hutch into a dream home with Zippi.

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