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How Often Should I Clean Out My Guinea Pigs' Hutch?

Whether you opt for a traditional hutch or one of our Eglu Go Guinea Pig Hutch, it will need cleaning twice a week. Guinea pigs don't have a very specific sense of where the bathroom is, and will poop and pee pretty much anywhere!

Even a guinea pig trained to use one particular area as the bathroom will frequently forget. This makes regular cleaning essential. Having a clean and hygienic place to live is neccessary for GPs’ health and happiness - and for the sweet atmosphere of your home and garden too!

Two guinea pigs means a twice-weekly cleaning regime. If you have more than two, you may need to clean up more often.

You can't entirely toilet-train a guinea pig, so your Eglu hutch will need regular cleaning

How To Clean A Guinea Pig Hutch:

  • Remove all the soiled bedding from the GPs' sleeping area.
  • Empty and clean the food bowls and drinking bottles.
  • Clean the feeding area of any spilled food and waste.
  • Replace the bedding with fresh material (hay), and replenish the food.
  • Once a month, you may want to reinforce the cleaning using a guinea-pig friendly hutch-cleaner, available in pet stores.

Again, the more guinea pigs you have, the more cleaning you'll need to do each week, as more droppings will be produced and more mess scattered around.

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