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Guinea Pig Hutches Indoors

Some guinea pig experts say owners should keep their guinea pigs outdoors if the weather allows. Others say they should be in an indoor or covered area all the time. They one thing that most of them do agree on is that guinea pigs shouldn’t be kept outdoors if the temperature falls below 50 degrees farenheit. Wherever you live, you’ll need to make a judgement call as to where you’ll keep your guinea pigs.

If you move the hutch indoors during the colder months, you'll need a suitable space indoors for them to hole up during the winter. A heated shed or outhouse is another option, as long as you can keep the GPs away from cold drafts. The space needs to be warm, but not too warm. Indoors, guinea pigs are most comfy within a 62-68 degree temperature zone. This means it's important to keep them away from radiators, direct sunlight, fires or heating vents.

guinea pigs enjoy being indoors during cold weather
Guinea pigs prefer a quiet space indoors when it gets too cold outside.

Indoors, the GPS will also need to be away from lots of noise and constant human activity. Their hearing is acute, and a low level of noise by human standards may be too much for your guinea pigs. A quiet space away from TVs and household appliances is good, and also away from the hustle and bustle of the home's main thoroughfares and human hubs. Avoid putting them in children’s bedrooms, laundry rooms, or garages, due to the noise, chemical fumes, and drafts.

Guinea pigs are pretty susceptible to drafty spots, and unfortunately can develop upper respiratory tract infections if kept in a cold, drafty area. Bear that in mind if considering an outbuilding, as even a heated one will still have drafty spots.

Other household pets such as cats and dogs will need to be kept away from the guinea pig zone. Your other pets may have friendly intentions, but they can still freak out your smaller pets.

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