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Where To Put Your Guinea Pig Run

Guinea pigs love being out in their run, as they enjoy being able to stretch their legs as much as we do. Whilst they may like being nice and snug in their hutch, you’ll need to provide them an area to run around in too. Where you put your guinea pig run depends on what run you have, and what the weather is like.

In good weather, guinea pigs love exercising in their runs outside

Keeping Guinea Pigs Outdoors

If it’s sunny, you might want to keep your pets outside where they can enjoy running around. If you’ve got a patch of grass to put your pets on, then be sure to check the area for poisonous plants and sharp objects that your guinea pigs could hurt themselves on.

If the weather is not so good, then it’s a good idea to get a run cover that provides some protection, meaning your guinea pigs can venture outside if they want to. If you’ve got a separate hutch and run, then make a judgement call on the weather before moving your guinea pigs out to their run. It’s not advisable to put your guinea pigs outside when it’s cold or when there’s wet or dewy grass, as they are very liable to catch chills.

Keeping Guinea Pigs Indoors

If it’s poor weather and you’re keeping your guinea pig run indoors, then the ideal place is between 62-68 degrees farenheit, away from heat sources like radiators, fires and vents. Guinea pigs also prefer to be away from other pets such as cats and dogs, so you’ll want to find a place that your other animals don’t have access to. Be sure that your guinea pigs don’t have access to anything like leads and cables, as they enjoy chewing - often with disastrous consequences!

If you only have one guinea pig and are worried about it being lonely, some people mistakenly keep it in a busy room in the house where it gets lots of attention. Whilst you may be a great owner, your pet would much prefer having a guinea pig companion to talk to as well. Even if you are an extremely affectionate owner and your pet adores you, you can’t fulfill all your pet’s conversational needs, so the kindest thing to do would be to get another guinea pig to keep them company.

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