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Hutch Requirements

There are easy-to-clean modern hutches on the market, such as Omlet's Eglu Go. If you don't want to invest on this type of hutch, there are some things to consider when setting up a traditional guinea pig hutch made of wood.

Eglu Go Portable
The Eglu Go is a portable hutch

If you choose a traditional wooden hutch, make sure it satisfies this tick list:

  • It has been treated with an animal-friendly preservative
  • It doesn’t have a mesh floor (so your guinea pigs don’t hurt their feet)
  • It’s has one section that lets in light, and one that is dark
  • It has a sloping roof so that rain doesn’t collect on the top
  • It’s not on the ground
  • It has a secure fastening so that predators can’t get in
  • It is rat proof (rats can attack and kill adult guinea pigs and babies - watch out for signs of rats including the gnawing of the outside of the hutch). Not just rats, but raccoons, snakes and other potential predators too.

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