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Does A Guinea Pig Need?

Guinea pigs need plenty of space, but nothing that requires huge rooms and gardens. They are very sociable animals, exploring their environment in groups. But they don’t cosy up all the time, and need to be given a bit of space to strecth their legs, daydream, and do some solo nosing around.

A Guinea pig hutch built for two GPs needs a minimum floor area of 7.5 square feet, although at least 10.5 square feet is preferable.

The Guinea pig ‘starter kits’ you can buy for just a few dollars are usually far too small, so it's worth saving up and buying something that will be fit for purpose for years to come.

Your guinea pigs’ environment can be made much more stimulating if you link hutches and runs, using the Zippi Guinea Pig Tunnel System

The Eglu Go Hutch for Guinea Pigs is purpose-built for two GPs. It's ideal, having both indoor and outdoor space. It can also be linked to runs or playpens in the garden or yard, using the Zippi Guinea Pig Tunnel System.

If you have the space to provide an additional outdoor run, all the better. You don’t need to set aside a space that dominates your garden – for a pair of Guinea pigs, twenty square feet of run is ample. They don’t need to roam over vast areas. Sections of Guinea pig pipe, dens, and feeding stations will bring the environment to life and make your GPs very happy and content.

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