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Guinea Pig Hutch Accessories

In addition to the hutch, run, water bottle and food bowl, (the last two included free with the Eglu Go), you can start thinking about other accessories for your pets’ new home.

Toys are welcome extras, and guinea pigs get plenty of entertainment and stimulation from them. We're not talking GP gaming consoles and plush toys here - guinea pig toys range from newspaper 'forts' and fun hay dispensers to chew tubes and food-centred puzzles.

A hay rack is a good purchase, for storing fortified hay for the GPs to eat - and they'll get through lots of it, too. These are included as part of the Eglu Go Guinea Pig Hutches. These can be attached to the back panel of the Eglu. You can also purchase one from a good pet store.

Guinea pig treats
A Caddi Treat Holder is a useful addition to your guinea pigs' home

The Caddi Treat Holder is a neat way to serve your GPs their daily rations of fresh vegetables. It keeps the food off the ground, and they have a lot of fun pulling the stuff through the bars.

Another idea is a salt lick, or a wooden chew. Guinea pigs love interesting things to taste and mouth, and a GP-friendly salt wheel can be attached to your guinea pig’s hutch and run. You can also buy wooden chew toys that give your guinea pigs something to wear their teeth down with. If sourcing the wood yourself from the wild, be careful, as some woods are poisonous to them. Willow, oak, maple, and elder are safe options. Avoid cedar and pine.

If you want some ideas for accessories for your pets to enjoy when they’re out in their run, have a look at our Guinea Pig Run Accessories section for more options.

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