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How Do I Clean My Guinea Pigs' Hutch?

Modern hutches such as the Eglu make a lot of sense, as they are easier to clean than traditional wooden hutches.

The Eglu Go Guinea Pig Hutch is easy to clean

Eglu Go Guinea Pig Hutch comes with a guinea pig run attached. This is a handy place to herd your guinea pigs while you’re clean out their hutch. The Eglu can be cleaned very quickly, which is an important consideration for many owners.

Before you clean your Eglu Go, you’ll need to take your guinea pigs out of it and make sure they’re in a safe enclosed space. If the ground isn’t frozen or wet, one easy option is closing the Eglu’s front door whilst your guinea pigs are in their run. Once your guinea pigs are safely outside, open the back of the Eglu and slide out the bedding tray. Simply tip the old bedding into a waste bin or compost bin, then give the tray a quick spray with a disinfectant and a wipe-down with a cloth. The Eglu Go flooring doesn’t absorb moisture like traditional wooden hutches, so it’s far easier to clean and therefore is more hygienic.

Once the floor has been cleaned, you can just slide the floor back into the hutch and line it with newspaper and hay, or some form of paper wool bedding. Then you can replace their food, and shut the back of the hutch. Finally, twist the handle at the top of the Eglu Go to reopen the front door, and allow your pets to rush back in and enjoy their clean home.

Cleaning a Wooden Hutch

Wooden hutches will need to have their floors lined with newspaper for insulation. You'll also need somewhere to put your GPs in when you’re cleaning out the hutch. This could be a box with a sturdy base and plenty of air holes. Remove the newspaper and bedding from the hutch and put it in your compost bin, then use a dustpan and brush to sweep any droppings or soiled hay out of the hutch. If there are any areas that have hardened droppings in, then some form of scraper will be useful at this point.

Use a guinea pig disinfectant spray for the inside of the hutch (paying particular attention to the corners), and leave for a minute or two to dry. Place fresh newspaper and bedding, and repeat the process for the guinea pigs’ feeding area.

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