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Doesn't Your Rabbit Scrub up Well!

Grooming isn’t really needed unless you have a breed that specifically requires it, such as an Angora rabbit. The Angora’s coat can be over 10cm long, and they will need about 40 minutes of brushing and care each day. Keep this in mind if you are planning on keeping this breed.

Rabbit teeth
Your pet rabbit should be in tip-top shape, like this magnificent Argente

Spending Time With Your Rabbit

Rabbits are very clean animals, in fact they are much like cats in that they spend a good amount of time preening and cleaning themselves. Despite the fact that it is not totally necessary, grooming your rabbit will provide a good opportunity for you and your rabbit to bond, and your rabbit will appreciate it. Every 3 months or so your rabbit will shed a chunk of its fur alternating between a light and heavy shed. During this time it is a good idea to brush them regularly to remove any dead hairs.

Washing Your Rabbit

It is unlikely that you will ever need to clean your rabbit. In fact, it can be dangerous to do so unless absolutely needed. Rabbits are very good at grooming themselves and as long as their living space and run is kept clean, you shouldn’t run into any problems.

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Manon, 9 September 2011

Moi sur le terrain de mon lapin tout blanc il ya beaucoup de sable et de terre et un jour (apres la pluis) il sait rouler dans la boue j'ai du le nettoyer avec du savon expré