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Bringing Your Rabbit Indoors to Play

Rabbits are best kept outdoors, but of course this depends on where you live. If it gets too hot or too cold outside in your neighborhood, your rabbits may get uncomfortable or even sick. This being said, there is a large portion of owners who opt to keep their bunnies indoors. Living outdoors provides them with a more natural lifestyle, but at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter, as long as you provide them with a safe and stimulating environment indoors.

Rabbit grooming
Your pet rabbit will soon feel at home indoors

Rabbits don’t enjoy being carried for long amounts of time, so be sure to make the journey from their cage to the house as swift as possible. Before you bring your rabbit inside, there will be a certain amount of rabbit-proofing that you will have to go through. Rabbits love to chew, and will happily chew up your furniture and drapes if given half a chance. Anything at ground level is a potential chew-victim, so make sure to hide anything that your rabbit could lock it’s teeth into. Also, always make sure to keep an eye on your rabbit so that it doesn't run off and destroy your house.

Make sure that you keep the doors to the room closed to prevent any escapes. Also, any other pets will need to be kept clear of the rabbit as they will only cause unnecessary stress to the bunny.

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