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How To Rabbit-Proof Wires

Unfortunately for us, rabbits quite like to chew things; and if your rabbit is allowed to freely roam the house, then they may just try to take a nibble out of some of your wires. This, of course, isn’t good for anyone and on top of ruining your chargers and cables, chewed wires could potentially shock your rabbits or in a worst-case scenario cause a fire.

Rabbit chewing
These guys like to chew – and that includes wires and cables

Thankfully, someone came up with a solution and you can easily find a wide array of rabbit-proofing equipment online and in many pet stores. Specially made wires protectors are one of the several rabbit protection pieces available on the market.

If you do choose to buy such protection, it is important you get one made for rabbits, as normal wire protectors could contain materials that can potentially harm your rabbit.

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