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Rabbit Chews and Gnaws

A rabbit’s teeth never stop growing, and if they don't have something to chew on, they will grow to lengths that can be potentially dangerous for your bunnies. Most vets will recommend a chew toy or a gnaw, as this acts as a fun way for your rabbit to keep its teeth at a healthy length. In the wild rabbits keep their teeth down by eating an enormous amount of grass. Although your rabbit may eat a lot of hay, it’s not as effective in keeping their teeth in check. That’s why a chew toy is recommended.

These items are great for helping your pets keep their teeth at a manageable length

When a rabbit’s teeth grow too long it becomes painful for the animal, and in more extreme cases can prevent the rabbit from being able to eat. Needless to say, this is a dangerous situation for your rabbit to be in and you must take precautions to prevent this from happening. The first step is to provide an abundance of hay, and make sure that they have a good and varied diet. This provides them with a lot of roughage and gives them lots of nutritious things to get their teeth into. Second, you can buy a chew or a gnaw and leave it in the pet's enclosure. This is an excellent way of providing you rabbits with a way of self-regulating their teeth.

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