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Rabbit Tunnel Toys

Rabbits are tunneling creatures in the wild, their warrens are a series of burrows interconnected by tunnels. Tunnel toys are a great way to simulate this and satisfy a natural instinct in your pets. Tunnels provide a sense of safety and shelter for you rabbits, and they will feel most secure snuggled up inside of one. Many owners choose to accessorise their rabbit’s run with a toy tunnel for them to play in.

Rabbits love having a tunnel over their heads - it makes them feel safe from aerial predators

The most important factor that comes into play here is the size of your rabbits. Naturally, larger rabbits will need larger tunnels, if you get one that is too small your pet could potentially get stuck in it. Although rabbits are capable of squeezing through small gaps, they still have their limits! Other things you should avoid are wooden tunnels, as these can give your rabbits splinters, and tunnels that have been treated with anything that isn’t rabbit-friendly such as varnishes.

We sell a variety of safe, fun tunnels on our website, available via our Rabbit Shop.

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