Feeling Under the Weather

Chickens like humans can get ill. Most of the time this won't be anything more serious than a runny nose or a spot of diarrhoea (caused by eating too many slugs). Omlet chickens are fully vaccinated and it is unlikely you will have any serious infections as these usually only occur where large numbers are kept together. But for peace of mind we have provided a comprehensive list of illnesses. As a general rule, keep the eglu clean, ensure a fresh supply of water and a proper balanced diet and you should have no problems.

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Genevieve, 27 September 2015

Re chickens with loose droppings, this could come from eating interior lettuce leaves rather than outside leaves that contain all the nutrients. Can also occur from eating too much soft/stone fruit or possibly some poultry diseases if not vaccinated properly. Hope thus helps. No Lady likes to have a soiled behind!

Lynne, 29 August 2013

I have found your site to be very helpful and will certainly be passing your name on, thanks

Brenda, 15 July 2011

We have been wondering for a long time why one of our hens has loose droppings, it may be as you say, too many slugs.Thank you so much for that little bit of information, have been trying for days searching the web, and we come across your page and find it straight away.

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