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Where Do All These Illnesses Come From?

Chickens can catch infections from neighboring flocks, each other, and from wild birds. If your hens are free range, you can't possibly isolate them from any of these. However, to minimize the danger of infection you can add a natural antibiotic to their water. It is called Citrocidal and is made from grapefruit seeds. Available from health food shops, it is very effective at clearing up minor respiratory difficulties such as sneezing, coughing or rasping breathing.

You can continue eating the eggs during treatment, as Citrocidal is 100% natural.

Hen with chicks
Keep your hens and their little ones safe from infection by adding Citrocidal to their drinking water

The treatment isn't a cure-all. of course, and sometimes these wild birds can bring in something that requires further intervention - parasitical worms, for example; or, in worst case scenarios, the dreaded bird flu.

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Pamela, 5 April 2012

Have just started keeping chickens - only two and one of them seems to have looser poo with a reddish brown in it. I understand that this is not right although she seems quite happy and eating and drinking well. Any ideas?

John, 13 November 2011

just started keeping chickens and one of them seems to have developed a breast on one side,seems lively enough and does not seem to bother it

Dawn, 25 July 2011

Your guide about Citrocidal has been very helpful my hen has these exact symptoms as you point out it could be from wild birds as my hens and bantams are completely free range very happy, spoilt and tame, I am off to my local health food shop. Thank you bye for now. Dawn