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Common chicken problems

Chickens are generally hardy animals, but if you find members of your flock looking or acting off, some of these common chicken problems may be the reason for their altered behavior or appearance. Thankfully, these concerns can be remedied easily with just a few simple adjustments to your hens’ environment.

Identifying common chicken problems

From excessive time spent in the nesting box, to feather loss – see if your hen is exhibiting signs of these common chicken problems:

  • Broody hens
  • Hen pecking
  • Feather loss

These behaviors rarely cause any lasting distress or issues. But, it’s important to be able to identify and address them promptly before secondary problems arise.

Omlet and your flock

From feather loss to flock feuds, Omlet's guide has just what you need to help navigate common chicken problems with products like the Eglu Cube Chicken Coop and Walk in Chicken Runs. Space out your hens, quickly clean up shed feathers, and isolate broody hens with our line of chicken products.

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Sue, 7 April 2023

My two maran hens have red bare bottoms. All the feathers around their back ends have been either pecked out (not a lot of evidence of this) or have fallen out & wont re-grow. The hens are only 7months old and are laying well, so I am not expecting them to have a full blown moult any time soon. Please could you advise me on what this might be and how to combat the problem. Many thanks Sue

Erika, 12 October 2021

This is my first flock of chickens. They are 12 weeks old. Feeding Egglands Best grower feed, along with asstd greens, fruits, grubs, and scratch. They are vaccinated. They are bright eyed and seem healthy and happy - feathers are shiny, combs and wattles are pink/red. They are active and eating well. But, their keels are very pronounced. There is very little muscle mass in their chests. Is this normal for layers? Am I just used to seeing plump breasts on meat birds?

Valerie, 16 July 2021

My chicks hatched a week ago but mum hasn't taken them outside the coop I to the run can anyone exlain

Billie, 18 June 2021

My chicken has a massive bump on one of her cheeks. It occurred recently and I don't know what to do. Can somebody help me please?

An Omleteer, 30 March 2021

My Rhodes Island red hen is squatting in the yard trying to lay an egg. She lays them in my run and her and the others eat them. She has always been slow but now more so. Also my black austrolorp had a bald spot on her saddle and also had egg laying problems. I don’t know if they are connected or if it is mites or lice. I have tried everything pls respond back!