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Things You Don't See at the Supermarket

Strange On The Outside...

Normally, a chicken lays the same shaped egg each time, varying only in size as the bird gets older. The shape is determined by a number of factors, from the amount of white produced to the chicken's internal muscles.

However, sometimes dark forces are at work and a chicken lays eggs that are so fantastic that even Omlet can't tell you where they come from. Unlike the rest, we are not afraid to show you these eggs and although they are different they are just as good. Remember, as it was for Mozart, so it is for eggs - i.e. there is a fine line between madness and genius!

If you carefully note which chicken is laying an egg and study the shape carefully, you will grow to recognize which of your chickens layed which egg.

Strange On The Inside...

Blood Spot: Sometimes an egg has a small amount of blood in its yolk. This may look worrying at first sight, but the eggs are still edible! The spots are caused by a small blood vessel breaking in the ovary, possibly caused by a the hen taking fright.

Watery whites: Sometimes your egg whites may be more watery than usual - something noticeable if you are frying the egg. This tendency increases as the bird gets older, but can also be brought on by hot weather. So, in hot weather make sure that you collect your eggs regularly for firm whites!

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Anne, 27 July 2016

One of my hens is a light Suffolk and eighteen months old. For the last four mornings, I have found eggs laid by her. The egg has a collapsed soft shell,but seem to have a normal yolk and white. She is well otherwise.

An Omleteer, 23 June 2013

I was worried as last few days the eggs have had watery whites. Now I know it's down to the hot weather I can relax! Great information on the site. Thanks.

Julie, 21 May 2012

My chicken gets upset when she lays a egg with a soft shell. Now we know whats up we can help her be a happy hen.