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Do You Need a Rooster?

In a word: No! Hens lay quite happily without the amorous attentions of a handsome rooster, such as old Perky here.

Should you opt for a rooster, he will do everything in his power to tread the hens and fertilize the eggs! If a hen is broody she will then sit on the eggs for 21 days (the incubation period) and with a bit of luck these eggs they will then hatch.

Note: The eggs a chicken lays without the help of a rooster are not fertilized and will therefore never hatch.

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Hisham, 11 May 2018

Too much information. I love it

Roddyrarebreeds, 16 October 2011

Cocker ales are a lovely bird,if you have say several ,different breeds ,say White leghorns ,black,red,you want to keep them pure you will need 3pens3 lots off housing feeders water pots 3 times the amount of cleanig and at least 4 hens per cock,say you want to reel and breed silikey,batam ,Moreno game,them same applys you do well to remember that I have 20 different trios plus 80 ducks it cost me well over six grand to do all the sprate pens arks and feeders and about £75 a week to feed clean and worm a200 sorts out most laments about £2 ashot if you do it yurselt all medication can be given by a knowligable keeper happy bird keeping Tony Roddy roddyrarebreed