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Baby Rabbit Food

As with all other mammals, baby rabbits will drink their mothers milk for the first stage of their lives. They will be on this milk diet until they are about seven weeks old, at this point the mother will stop suckling them and they’ll transition onto solid foods. This can be a tricky process from the perspective of a rabbit keeper, and in general it is best not to be too adventurous with your young rabbits’ diets.

baby Rabbit food
Baby bunnies need a diet that helps them grow strong and healthy

Once baby rabbits are about three weeks old, they might try to eat very small amounts of the pellet feed that their mother eats. And by the time that they have been fully weaned, this pellet food alongside hay should be all they are eating. The introduction of fresh foods should be a very gradual process and you should start with very small amounts. Many people recommended not feeding them any fresh food until they are at least three months old.

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