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Rabbit Food Bowl

A food bowl is an extremely useful accessory that is a must in your pets enclosure. They prevent pellets from being scattered across the floor and make it easier to prevent your pets from getting sick from rotten food. If you scatter food rather than depositing it in a bowl, it’s harder to get rid of the waste.

All Eglu units come free with several items, including these bowls

Another benefit of a bowl is that it makes cleaning easier. Scattering the food around the run can be a fun diversion for your pets, but it is best to only do this once in a while as it increases the likelihood of food being left in the run and going mouldy. Scattering food in the run may also attract some unwanted guests such as rats or mice!

An ideal rabbit bowl should be slightly weighted so that your bunny doesn’t accidentally knock it over all the time. Metal or low earthenware bowls are your best bet as these are difficult to displace. Plastic bowls are a little bit cheaper, but will spill more easily and for this reason their metal counterparts are the best choice.

The best rabbit food bowls are those that are a little weighty, so that your rabbit won’t constantly tip them over. Metal bowls, or low earthenware ones are the best, as these are difficult to displace. Their plastic counterparts may be a little cheaper, but the heavier options are likely to save you a lot of time and effort.

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