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Rabbit Dry Foods

There is a wide array of rabbit food options out there, from pellets to formulated mixes. Dry foods are a crucial part of a rabbit's diet as they supplement both hay and fresh foods, providing nutrition that your rabbits need.

Dry Rabbit food
Dry food is the basis of a healthy rabbit diet

When buying a dry food mix, make sure that it is one specially catered to a rabbit’s needs. This will have everything that your rabbit will need to lead a healthy life. Buying a mix made for another animal could be harmful, and almost certainly won’t have everything your rabbit needs. What’s good for one animal isn’t necessarily good for another. There is a wide array of rabbit food out there, so it is best to pick from one of these.

Another thing worth remembering about dry foods is that if you plan on switching from one food to another, you’ll have to go about it gradually. Rabbits have rather sensitive digestive systems and a sudden change in food can cause problems for them. You need to be cautious of this throughout the rabbit’s life, but especially when they are young.

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