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Comments for Common Chicken Problems

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Karen, 28 May 2020

I just managed to pick up one of my hens that I know had a couple of lumps just under her vent, I thought it was dried on poo because I managed to get a couple off a few days ago but I tried washing the remaining lumps off today and they won’t budge. Is there a condition of a row of small lumps on the bottom?

Zoey, 18 May 2020

i’ve just cleaned out my hens enclosure(inside and outside) and now she has picked a place outside in her coop and has burrowed herself into the ground and is making her feathers big and also walking close to the ground, what is wrong

Teresa, 17 April 2020

One of my two month old chickens has the appearance of an owl. She stays off to herself. She seems to be eating and drinking right now but she’s had this weird appearance since Wednesday. What might be wrong?

Chris, 25 March 2020

Chicken not eating liquid coming from mouth very lafargic help please

Sharon, 2 February 2020

2 mounth old banty rooster chick ,his neck,leggs can't hold him self up, neck keeps trying ta turn,or coci crook,I have ta hold him ta eat ,drink

June, 5 January 2020

One of my Lohman hens is behaving strangely.She is afraid of walking down the ladder in the mornings and I have noticed that she has started to walk backwards sometimes,appearing to be disoriented at times. She is eating and drinking normally and laying regularly.She is a friendly and sweet girl and I am a bit worried.

Lisa, 7 December 2019

clear liquid is coming from my hens beak, she keeps stretching her neck. she tries to eat. I need help!!!! I am not an expert at raising chickens so I'm really stressed out over this!!

Sylvia, 28 October 2019

One of my hens (less than 1 yr old) has been looking ill for a couple of days. She seems to be drinking and eating normally. I have noticed her droppings are very yellow, in the part where they should be white. Not particularly runny or smelly. Cannot find this as a symptom of any particular problem, and have not seen it before. Any suggestions?

Sarah, 27 October 2019

Hi I have a chicken which is walking as if she's drunk. Sideways and then low down to the ground. She's just molted and lost a lot of feathers but she's still eating and drinking any suggestions? Thankyou

Maya, 26 October 2019

My chicken is standing with her eyes shut and she doesn’t move until I touch her. What is wrong with her?

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