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Ashley, 10 January 2020

Hi, so I have a 4 year old female budgie that has ball spot by her bum. It’s a little bigger than a nickel, she seems to act normal but I know the ball spot isn’t, I currently have her separated from the other bird, I’m not sure if it’s stress, boredom or something like mites, her poop is a light green color and watery. I have switch her diet from seed to fresh veggies and fruits, she’s been on strict seed since I got her 3 years ago, she seems to respond well to the new change in food, I just needs some advice on what to do, whether I should take her to the vet or can I treat her at home... any help would be appreciated.

Sandra, 30 December 2019

My parakeet has very long nails too. Would sandpaper perches help? He is a very cheerful happy little guy.

Lucy, 28 December 2019

is ok if a budgie has white kinda poles were their feathers are supposed to be?

Hugo, 23 November 2019

My budgie has started to show pinkish feathers above his beak and I'm worried something's wrong, can anyone help?

Bharat, 23 November 2019

My budgager bird mails feathers manually. Show Remedy Bidding is currently in progress

Lucy, 4 October 2019

For the past five months my budgie has lost a lot of feathers around his neck. He itches constan. The feathers haven't grown back. Also his head has lost feathers it looks bald then pins appear for a short time then fall out again. Lately his wing n tail feathers are falling out. I use s76 n moultine also tonic drops. Please advise thank you

Graham, 19 September 2019

My male Budgies Claws are growing quite long is it ok to trim a little off the very end of the claws they are growing in a circalur shape and i,m worried that he will not be able to stand on he,s feet

Adam, 9 September 2019

The feathers around their beaks is stained, I gave them fruit for the first time yesterday so they might of just got stained or thrown up for some reason? Idk but I'm really worried I hurt them somehow

Leeanne, 26 August 2019

One of our budgies is loosing feather near belly & between the legs. Is there anything we can do to stop this

Alison, 12 August 2019

My pet budgie has recently lost is companion after 3and a half years due to cancer and I've noticed today when I got home from work that he is plucking his feathers out.

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