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Parakeet Perches

Parakeets spend most of the day and night perching, whether they’re sleeping, singing, eating, playing, courting, or just chilling. One perch is not enough, as they love flapping and climbing from to another. So, it’s important to give them good perches, with a variety of textures.

Even a small cage should have at least two perches, positioned at different levels. A parakeet swing counts as a perch.

Budgies together in a cage
Pet parakeets like to perch 24/7

Parakeet Perch Size

Try to vary perch sizes. The best ones are thin branches, trimmed and inserted horizontally across the cage bars – simple, and free! They should not be more than half an inch in diameter (although in a larger cage you can have any thickness, as long as you include ones between a quarter and half an inch diameter).

Parakeet Perch Types

Rough texture is good, so avoid fitting the cage with nothing but smooth, rounded perches. A perch of twisted twigs is a good option, or a simple non-toxic stick. The bird will love chewing at the wood, and the rough surface is good for gripping. Plastic perches in interesting shapes are fine too.

Scrub the stick-perch first using warm water and a vegetable brush. Pouring boiling water over the stick will kill any microscopic nasties.

The twig-perch will eventually need replacing (usually because the parakeet has chewed through it). The birds may be a little wary of a new perch at first – although parakeets like things to be changed around for variety, they often take time getting used to the change!

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Sarah, 28 October 2019

Hi there, I am wondering if an "open-cage" concept is a housing strategy that works for budgies? What I mean by that, is whether budgies can safely be housed either without a cage and instead with an open structure that has perches, food, water...etc., or with panels of a cage take out so that the cage isn't full enclosed. I am wondering this, because I would like my rescue budgies to get more used to myself and my boyfriend. It has been approx. 4 months since we got them from a shelter and they still do not want to step up onto our fingers and run away when we put our hands in the cage. We do not have any children or any other pets, and the windows in the room they're kept in are not normally opened. Looking for advice, thanks!

Cynthia, 29 June 2019

What type of wood is safe to use as a perch?

Leanne, 16 June 2019

Agree with all above. This is my go-to site for all things budgie

David, 9 November 2018

Thank you for that information on perches. It seems common sense that the best place for them to perch is the same place they would in the wild. That, cannot be duplicated. Also, a quick shout out to Google for pointing me here. I would assume maple or oak branches would be fine.

Silvia, 7 October 2018

Best site ever . Thanks to you all .