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Parakeet Training

Once your parakeet is fully comfortable with you and hops onto your finger at their own will, you may want to take things further. One of the first tricks you should teach your bird is the “step-up”. This should take place in a space where your bird feels comfortable, safe and secure, with no outside distractions.

Parakeet Step-Up Training

This trick is rather simple really. With your bird perched on your finger or hand, offer the index finger of your other hand. The aim of this trick is to get them to step up onto the new perch. If your bird seems reluctant, you can use the technique you employed when first finger training them, rub your finger by their legs in an effort to get them to hop onto your finger. Don’t lure them with a treat, but rather leave this for until they have successfully performed the trick.

After your bird is on your other hand, simply repeat the process with your birdless hand. Soon enough they will be performing this without the leg rubbing./p>

Once your bird has mastered the step-up, you should be able to get them to perch on your shoulder or head (parakeets feel safer the higher up they are). You probably wont have to work much towards this, as your bird will automatically use you as a resting place once they are fully comfortable with you.

Parakeets will happily perch on you and the furniture

At this point, it may be time to show your bird around the rest of the house. Talk to them softly as you transport your bird from point A to B, and make sure your destination has closed windows, no open fireplaces, no cats, etc.

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