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Parakeet Keeping

Pet parakeets are relatively easy to look after, but still need feeding every day, cleaning regularly, and given lots of attention to make sure they're happy in human company.

parakeet on girl's hand
Pet parakeets enjoy human company, but they need to get used to it first - ideally when they're young, like this one

Keeping Your Parakeet Happy

You'll find lots more information in other sections of the Omlet Parakeet Guide, go but these are the basics for happy parakeets:

  • A suitably sized, well designed and regularly cleaned cage in a warm room (or an aviary with an enclosed area for roosting)
  • A well-balanced and varied diet
  • Fresh, clean water for drinking and bathing
  • Cage and cage accessories for comfort and stimulation
  • A stress-free environment (no cats, night lights, etc)
  • Company – other parakeets, or just you (and a mirror for those times when you’re not around)
  • Space to fly

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