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Taming a Parakeet

Trust is the most important factor in training a parakeet. You are, after all, much bigger than them and their natural instinct will be to feel intimidated. It takes a little time to reassure a young bird that the massive monster behind the cage is not only harmless, but also a friend and playmate too.

Any sudden movements, loud noises and banging against the cage will frighten your parakeet. This also applies to sticking your hand inside the cage, so things have to be taken slowly.

parakeet finger training
Gaining your parakeet's trust is the key to taming and befriending

Taming Parakeets Together

The following tips mainly apply to smaller cage setups of up to four birds, if you are taming larger groups, such as in an aviary, it will be far easier. This is mainly because, unless you are setting up a completely new aviary, at least some birds in the flock will already be used to your presence. The newcomers will learn from this and come to see you as harmless, linger with them for a larger amount of time and they will come to use you as a perch.

If you do happen to be setting up a new aviary, spending time with your birds is even more important. It doesn’t have to be inside the cage, but make sure you spend at least a few hours a day outside and around the cage, taking and moving around so that the parakeets can watch and, ultimately, ignore you. Make sure any other family members, or even pets such as dogs, show themselves as well.

Taming a Parakeet Fast

Taming individual birds takes time and effort. If you want to tame a parakeet fast, you’ll need to hold a few training sessions each day. If you do this, in a few weeks you should have a somewhat tame bird. The more time you put in, the fewer days or weeks ti’ll take to gain their trust.

Building up trust is key in training your parakeet and should be the first step in any training plan, whether you’re attempting to get a parakeet talking, perching on your shoulder and performing a few tricks, or even just trying to get a cageful of happy birds that are comfortable with your presence.

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A little bird peaching on a finger.
Corn the escape artist!
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Cathy, 25 January 2022

I have had birds most of my life. I have one female that just wants to Chirp so loud it goes Thur ur ears… I have tryed everything !!!! Any tips

Linda, 24 December 2021

We've had parakeets for about 10 years, as we got them from a previous owner. Starting out with 7: two got away from the cage when we took it outdoors, another one female got out one autumn and incredibily 2 summers later saw her perched on the rear yard pine tree! Leaving 4: then another accidentally got away again having left open a gate when outside. That left 2 Beaky, who was the "left-out" male brother who became very healthy when we started paying attention to him & his sis, Susie who was always the youngest of the group. Beaky passed awa a few days ago. (Why--? Don't know exactly) Susie the most carefree of them all is left now! We want to get her at least a companion but all the parakeets in pet shops are young birds, betw 3-5 mos. old. How could we get her some company? She is very Vibrant--we always left the cage gates open for them to fly around their cage whenever they want. They just go in to eat, drink, sleep, hang-out, etc. And I understand it's hard to tell at their young age their sex. So, wondering if you have suggestions? Thanks!!!!

Vyx, 12 August 2021

I have three parakeets two male and one female. The boys have recently, from what I have noticed, fighting. I am worried as one has a slight red spot, not blood, but weren't like this before. There hasn't been a change in routine other than me being home more.

Andi, 24 June 2019

I recently rescued 2 males. I had to reach inside their cage to catch one of them due to having an over-grown beak issue. I then had to seriously clean their cage, as it was in dire condition. It did freak them out for a bit, but I think they know what I was trying to do for them??? After cleaning their food dish (which was gross and caked up), washing out their water container and cleaning out all the yucky, I put in 2 blackberry bramble limbs from my garden and they seem very lively. I've had them for 3 days now, I talk to them, sing to them and watch long do you think it will take for them to trust me? I've loved birds for my whole life (46 years), but this is my 1st time owning any.

Kathy, 12 June 2019

my cockatiel started flying a peeping since the windows are open and he hears outside birds. i can,t keep the windows closed in summer never did this before why i can,t keep MC locked up all the time.