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Parakeet Baths

Parakeets like a good bath. If you don’t give them access to a bird bath in the cage, your parakeet may try to wash in the drinking water. This is a clear message from your parakeet to install a proper bath!

There are many types of bird bath available in stores and online, so choose one that fits your cage set up. For example, some baths clip to the cage door or the space where the food or water tray sits; others are more like walk-in showers; and the simplest ones (which you can easily improvise for yourself) are non-tipping shallow trays.

Yellow parakeet takes a bath
Yellow parakeet, yellow bath

The parakeet baths can be outside the cage, if that suits you better. A bowl of water placed on the floor is a parakeet magnet! Expect plenty of splashing, and choose a bowl that sits securely on the floor: if it tips or rocks, the bird will panic.

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Teri, 9 March 2019

My parakeet does the same thing. Baths in her seed and makes a message

Victoria, 10 November 2018

Our new budgie seems to spend most of his time flapping around inside his food bowl, I mean he even puts his head under the seeds and flicks his food everywhere.... it got me thinking that maybe he is trying to use his food bowl as a bath. So my question is, would it be ok to clip his bath to the side of the cage and put dry sand (kiln dried) in it? or would he eat it? or should this only ever be warm water? The other question is... how often should I offer a bath to him? do people have the baths clipped permanently to the cage?

Sagar, 23 June 2016 all tips precautions preparation of bathing bowl