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Parakeet Sounds

As soon as the lights go out, Parakeets are silent. But at the first hint of a new day, they are awake and chattering as if making up for all the talk time lost during the night. The birds' gentle, twittering music provides the background to the waking hours, and for parakeet lovers, it's a wonderful sound (ignoring the occasional squawking session!)

parakeet sounds
Let's talk! Parakeets have a lot to say

Parakeet’s tweets are every bit as subtle and full of information as the Tweets of a certain social media site. Their calls, songs, chatters and shouts work on different levels, full of meaning to their fellow budgerigars. Humans can learn the general meaning of many of the birds' vocalizations, too. For a pet parakeet, sound goes hand in hand with body language, and if you can learn how to interpret that, you can go a long way to understanding your pet's moods and motives.

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