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Recapturing an Escaped Parakeet

If by some chance one of your parakeets manages to escape the cage before being fully finger-trained, you may have some problems with getting them back inside. This can become even more of a nuisance if your bird manages to escape from an outdoor aviary or somehow manages to find an open window and leaves that way. Indoors, you’re almost certain to catch your bird. If it does find a way outside, this process becomes much harder and there is no guarantee that you will re-capture the bird.

Parakeet Net

A parakeet catching net should only be used when all other options have been exhausted. It’s handy if an aviary bird needs to be isolated for some reason (being transported to a new cage, a trip to the vet, etc).

You can buy a bird-catching net in online stores, and you can also use a soft towel or pillow case for catching a bird. The advantage of a net is that it comes on the end of a long stick, so you can catch the bird whilst your some distance away from it.

No matter how tame your bird is, or how good of a bond you have, netting will always be very stressful for your bird. This is why a net should never be used routinely.

parakeet perched on books
Your parakeet is out - so how do you lure it back in?

Holding a Parakeet

If you have had to net a bird, you will have to remove them with your hand. This requires a little expertise, but is quite straightforward.

Remove the bird from the net by gripping them in your hand. Put your middle and index fingers on either side of his head, and tuck your thumb, third finger and little finger around their sides and underneath them. Do not squeeze, but hold them firmly enough to prevent fluttering or head-shaking (which only makes them even more nervous and agitated). Try to make soothing sounds and return them gently to their cage.

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