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Parakeet Biology

The parakeet has evolved to cope with life in the Australian outback. It is able to retain most of the liquid it acquires from its diet, preventing dehydration in its arid environment. Parakeet owners will notice that, when drinking, the birds take a little sip - and that's it! This is why it's important to give them fresh food and sprouting seeds, for the moisture content as much as anything else.

Parakeets, like all parrots, have distinctive four-toed feet, which they can use like hands for grasping things. The beak is like a third limb in many ways, assisting climbing, and able to open wide to grip objects. Look at the way your pet parakeet opens its beak - this type of beak is a parrot and parakeet speciality - most birds have the upper part of their beak fused to the skull, but the parrot family has a hinged upper beak, enabling it to open wide.

Wild budgerigars in Australia
Wild budgerigars in Australia

Cock parakeets have stronger beaks than hens; but it's usually the females who routinely use their beaks in anger, usually in defence of their nest. Pet parakeets are generally placid, though, and very small, so the bird is incapable of inflicting damage on its owner. You will definitely feel it if an angry bird nips you, though!

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Susan, 4 August 2019

If you don't want her to lay more eggs, leave them. It may take some time but she will eventually realize the eggs will not hatch. She may lay more in addition to the 2 she has already laid. You should get another budgies. Budgies (especially budgies) need at least one other budgie or they become psychotic, mean and forget how to play or have fun.

Peggy, 7 May 2019

My female budgie has laid 2 eggs in the last 4 weeks , they are not fertalized we only have the one bird . Do I leave them for her to sit on or take them away .Her personality has changed , she comes out of her cage to poo then goes back to the eggs ,she is not as friendly and has stopped talking , we only shut her in at night and cover her with a cloth . Please help it is upsetting me to see her like this . Thank you Peggy