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Parakeet Talking

Parakeets, like all the parrot family, are mimics. They don’t reproduce sound in the amazing ‘digital-recorder’ manner of a Mynah bird or Lyre bird, but they make it their own, giving a wonderful parakeet spin to every sound.

If the sound of human voices is part of the parakeet’s environment, the bird is likely to use that sound in its own vocalizations. This will not always be recognizable as words, but the general “music” of speech may seep into their chattering by osmosis. If you strike lucky – and it really does depend on the individual bird - one day you’ll hear your pet “speak” a word or two.

parakeet talking
Some parakeets love talking, but females like this one are less inclined to chat than male birds

Parakeet Talking Ability

If your parakeet lives with other birds, it will be difficult to teach him to talk, as the other birds are his companions and chat-mates. Even a mirror can distract a parakeet from listening to you and learning human words. Single, male birds are in with the best chance of catching on; but unless you can be there for them as constantly as a parakeet companion, singletons will always miss the company of other parakeets. It’s always better to have a happy parakeet than a talking one!

Male parakeets are the best talkers, and ones between four and six months old have the best chance of becoming talkers. There is no guarantee of success, though. Some parakeets seem to be wired for human sounds, while some have better things to do. For every Youtube talking parakeet star such as Disco or Puck, there are 1,000 others who never mustered a single word, in spite of attempted training.

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She’s a lovely little bird
Can I help you mama?
Enjoying my first ever treat in my new forever home
Lex is sleepy!


Ralph, 17 May 2023

Hello, I need help with 'my' teo budgies! My mom bought them because they are wierdly cheap for two budgies-- So it were given to us and apparently they are 'both female' which i had heard of that taming two budgies at the same time is close to the impossible but same gender as well?! This is my first time having a pet budgies. So i need help onto how can i tame them both, They are always fighting and screaming. The yellow one - Aivery The green one - Aether The green one used to be dominant but now the yellow one is more dominant and are aggresive. Every time im opening their cage the green one will fly at my face and are only stopped by the cage bars. If taming them nor building bond with them are not possible i will just possibly suggest my mother to sell them perhaps.

William, 8 August 2021

Hi, It's more of a question about our budgie I hope that's alright!? For the past month or two our budgie "Skye" has been passing his stools ok, but in a cluster resulting in a clump of seeds and stick to his posterior! We encourage him to have a bath but it doesn't help, and the clump of waste seeds gets bigger and bigger until it gets to heavy and falls off! We're afraid in case we hurt him if we try to remove the waste! Does anyone know what's causing this and what can we do to help him pass his waste normally!? Thank you Regards

Gillian, 18 December 2019

Please can you help, my Budgie is banging his swing and hanging bell toy, why is this?

Raya, 6 June 2019

My parakeet is a male lonley bird he always hits his head when he fly's around will this damage anything?

Alison, 28 April 2019

I have a 16 yr old love bird with "star gazing syndrome" he is responding well to antibiotics. My question is, is it contagious? I have budgies in a cage right next to him & was a little worried...