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Comments for Finch and Canary Diseases

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Lubna, 25 May 2020

Hi there my zabra finch is ill problem disease and puffing one week ago this problem place can your halp me I need medicine

Becky, 23 May 2020

I have a Java finch who has been sleeping more than usual the last two days. Now he looks weak and unsteady. His beak looks more purple than red today. What's wrong with him? And what can I do for him? No other symptoms at all. Just lethargy.

Joel, 15 May 2020

my finches have lack of energy and seem to battle to fly they look quiet sick but no sign on the outside of the birds and they will sit at the bottom of the cage and hop around but they do not have a problem with there limbs and they are zebra finches please email the problem thank you.

Tafsina, 11 May 2020

I have a pair of Java finches. A few days ago I noticed tiny white spots on one of the finch’s head. It was not there before. Is this a symptom of any disease?

Cindy, 2 May 2020

I have a Canary and a Finch with a hard, smooth growth over its beak (looks like keratin) that is starting to seal the upper and lower beak together. What is this?

Denise, 29 April 2020

I noticed my canary moving it's neck oddly up and down in a manner which suggested trying to swallow. That night fluffed feathers ..by morning sitting bottom cage. I cleaned cage with disinfectant..gave bottled water and thick towel over cage next night. Seemed better next day..eating and drinking. But not chirping or squeaking which it usually does. It's quite vocal normally. Today. I here him chirp but tiny barely audible. There was a plastic plant that go moved and a general leaf was in back of cage...im afraid he might have a piece of plastic in his throat. Is there any thing I can do at home?

Alexandra, 22 April 2020

i have canary and i notice when i got home he was quit so i look at him and where i think is his ear hole its red and swollen hes eating drinking his norm but it's hurting him

Helen, 22 April 2020

Hi there one of my finches has what looks like a blocked nasel as something is on the entry of her nasel passage but only one side of her beak. She's rubbing it on brachces to get it off it causes her her rub the side of her face down around her eye area. How can I remove this without causing it to bleed. I understand they only have one teaspoon of blood in entire body per say. We are in coronavirus at moment so no vets are able to help.

Ann, 25 March 2020

I have a zebra finch that has a very swollen crop. She is still very lively and shows no other symptoms. please advise .

John, 9 February 2020

My male Finch has sore underneath foot. I have different perch sizes. I use clean and safe disinfectant. Appartley kills all bacterria. The diet everyday is.Rommane lettuce, cooked corn on the cob, Finch food, emp, and millet . They have sand in cage. Any advice. I have budgie and canary and benglese in with zebra finch, no problems.

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