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Jennifer, 11 October 2021

Hi, We’re looking at the idea of some chickens with the Go Up, some things online have said grass isn’t an essential, in which case, would it be best to get some sort of floor liner to put bark on? Thanks!

Carol, 28 June 2021

Hen with enlarged belly (undercarriage, treated her lice, makes it difficult for her to walk.

Lynn, 24 October 2019

Can you make any suggestions for a septic ham hock please I don’t want to have her culled

An Omleteer, 11 October 2019

My 6yr old Isa Brown has had vent gleet for over a week now but a couple of days ago she started getting very wobbly on her feet and now only sits down. She did eat a small amount of food when I put it directly in front of her but I had to give her some water with an eye dropper. I've been washing her behind to clean the build up of yellow & white discharge & trimmed her feathers a bit. Her comb is still red but droops over to one side & her eyes seem clear but not really sure what's going on....Any ideas?

Shanette, 26 August 2019

My hen is not well...she has seen the vet who was puzzled about her condition...she is lethargic but is eating/pooping.drinking..she was laying soft shelled eggs but is not laying now she had a course of Baytril which seemed to perk her up but she is still not right...can you help?

Doris, 16 July 2019

Has anyone had a problem with maggots on the underside of a hen? No wound or open sore and skin looks normal. She is approx. 1 1/2 to 2 yrs old Rhode Island red and has been laying good. The concentration of maggots was considerable. Cannot find anything else wrong except the area had a loss of feathers and slight diarrhea.

Thuoc, 25 April 2019

Treating chickens is extremely important when raising chickens. Your article shared a lot of experiences for me, I will always support you. thuoc ga da

Bella, 14 November 2018

One of my chickens is producing runny yellow poop. Is this normal please?

Sonia, 2 August 2018

I have 2 young hens, one a silkie bantam and one a lavender bantam. I recently lost out silkie cockerel of a respiratory infection but my hens were fine for a few weeks. I then introduced 2 millie fleur bantams and one had a sneezy cold so I gave her the left over antibiotics for the cockerel and she recovered. Next day my 2 original hens got really ill crackly breathing and snoyyt face and the lavender has a swollen. I took the other 2 millie fleurs back and am treating my 2 with Baytrol. The lavender is still lethargic with closed swollen, the silkie better but still a bit snotty. This is 4 days into the antibiotic. These hens are only about 4 months old all from same breeder.

Kathryn, 5 June 2016

I have 7 chicks 5 weeks old (3 marans and 4 leghorns). One of the marans is much smaller than the others, eats less and has a red, swollen sore looking neck. It also seems to be itching. Could this be a parasite, or is it more likely that the others are bullying it? Hope you can help

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