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Finches and Fume Hazards

Fumes, rather than temperatures, are the biggest threat to your pet finches. These are small birds that are rather delicate when it comes to fumes and chemicals in the air. There are several household items that can produce potentially lethal fumes, here are some to be aware of:

Fume hazards are a pet bird's worst enemy
Fume hazards are a pet bird's worst enemy

  • Hot non-stick pans can, when being used, release chemicals that are lethal for your finches. Birds should never be housed in a kitchen.

  • Aerosol sprays, some scented candles, and household deodorizing oils and liquids can all be toxic to finches. Never place birds in rooms where such items are used.

  • Household cleaners - for ovens, bathrooms, etc. - all have fumes that can kill your pet birds.

  • Any fly or insect sprays are practically lethal to everything, this includes your pet birds.

  • Any other strong smelling cleaning agents will all most likely be toxic for finches.

  • Any kind of smoke is lethal, be it from a barbecue or just a cigarette. If someone in your house smokes indoors, don’t keep pet birds.

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