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How Often Should I Clean A Rabbit Litter Box?

Litter boxes should be cleaned out every day. Rabbits are quite clean and will do their “business” in their litter box, meaning that the rest of their home stays relatively tidy. Whilst this creates a nicer overall environment, it does mean that the litter box gets messy quite quickly meaning that it needs to be cleaned each day. A lot of owners find that the ideal time to do this is in the morning, just before they feed their pets.

Silver Fox rabbit
A rabbit’s litter box needs cleaning daily

An untidy litter box will attract all sorts of unwanted visitors, some of which can cause nasty diseases for your pets. For example, it can attract flies which are capable of causing flystrike, a nasty condition which is not only very painful for your pets but also proves fatal in most cases. Keeping their litter boxes tidy and fresh drastically reduces the chances of such things happening.

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