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Using Burrow Pipes For Rabbits

Providing a Rabbit Hutch and Run satisfies your bunnies’ need for both indoor comfort and outdoor exploration. But you can improve their environment by extending the hutch-and-run set up with custom-made rabbit tunnels. Omlet sells a range of burrow pipes for your rabbits.

Travelling through burrow pipes and tunnels satisfies a rabbit's natural instincts. Giving pets what they instinctively need - something that mimics the lives of their wild ancestors - is one of the keys to keeping them happy.

Here's a photo of a burrow pipe set up: the perfect way for bunnies to get from A to B!

Typically people set up burrow pipes to give their pets a bolt hole. The tunnel provides shelter from the sun, or from cold and wet weather, too. Rabbit tubes also prevent a bunny from taking matters into his own hands and attempting to dig up the garden.

The tunnel pipes also simulate a wild rabbit warren. In the wild, rabbits use a complex system of tunnels and burrows in the same way as we use corridors and stairs to access other parts of the house. Confining bunnies to a hutch or rabbit run is the equivalent of being locked in a single room, with no freedom to come and go as you please. Opening up the world for your pets with a rabbit tunnel system is guaranteed to keep them content.

Rabbit connection tunnels

Plastic rabbit activity tunnels provide the answer to your pets’ love of burrows. Omlet’s Zippi Rabbit Tunnel System is tailor-made for this purpose. It comes in flexible 90cm sections, with optional corner pieces and T-junctions that enable you to construct a bunny tunnel “warren” as simple or complex as your set up demands. The burrow pipes’ rabbit hutch connectors link the rabbit tube to your hutch, runs and playpens, and the tunnels, in addition to enabling bunnies to access all areas, provide cosy bolt holes too.

A rabbit emerging from the Zippi Burrow Pipe System

A rabbit burrow tube needs to be wide enough for your largest bunny to get through. A small pet will happily hop through a wide tunnel, but a larger breed will not be able to squeeze through something too small. The Zippi Rabbit Tunnel has this covered, being wide enough to accommodate even the largest breeds. It also comes with support hoops that lift it from the ground, preventing damage to the lawn and enabling the grass to grow beneath. Other design features such as ventilation and drainage holes make these burrow pipes the perfect place for rabbits to run wild - almost!

A good tunnel system needs to be robust enough to keep out inquisitive cats, dogs, rats, foxes and any other would-be predators. Zippi has secure connectors, with no cracks for unwanted paws or noses to push through. A safe bunny is a happy bunny!

Turn your Rabbit's hutch into a dream home with Zippi.

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