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How To Make A Rabbit Tunnel System

Installing a tunnel system to link rabbit hutches and runs needs a bit of planning. But it’s worth it – your bunnies will love you for it, and it will transform a hutch and run set up into a state-of-the-art rabbit warren.

At its simplest, a rabbit tunnel system is a straightforward link between the hutch/cage and run. But for anything more complicated, it’s a good idea to plan things out properly beforehand. Work out how much space you can let the tunnel system occupy. Are there any corners to navigate? Will a T-junction make things more interesting or practical? Will all the burrow pipes be accessible so that you can do a routine clean every now and then? Is there space behind the flower beds, at the foot of the fence, or around trees and posts? If you can make the layout flexible in this way, you’ll be able to maximise the space available.

A Zippi Rabbit Tunnel System can be custom-made for the space you have available

Omlet’s Zippi Rabbit Tunnel System helps you work out all the details using the best tools available. It’s ideal for any plot of land, from a back yard to a small meadow. It has also been developed to cope with all types of bunny too, with a width of over 7 inches (180 mm) that allows the largest rabbit breeds to use it. Its yard-long flexible plastic sections clip together easily, fitting the contours of your garden perfectly.

Modular rabbit tunnels

The Zippi Rabbit Tunnel System enables traditional wooden rabbit hutches or Eglu Go rabbit hutches to be linked to runs and playpens, Pet Enclosures and Outdoor Pet Runs. You can also build in T-junctions, look outs and hay rack feeding stations, using your imagination to make the most of the available space.

Take a piece of paper, and make some sketches. How much space have you got, and what are the possibilities?

  • Fit one of the Zippi T-junctions into the set-up to link hutches and runs.
  • Use Zippi support loops to raise the pipe sections, making a flyover.
  • Link several hutches to a central run or feeding area.
  • Rabbits don’t mind going up- and down-hill: link sections of tunnel to a raised feeding station, navigate terraces in a sloping garden, or have enclosed ‘staircases’ leading up and down from raised or stacked hutches.
  • Bury parts of the pipe network, to give the bunnies some genuine underground tunnels.

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