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How Do Rabbits Catch Fleas?

There are a number of different ways that your rabbit could contract fleas, the most common being contact with other animals or materials that are infested with fleas. If you notice that your rabbit is scratching a lot more than usual, then they could have fleas. This will need to be dealt with quickly, as they are very uncomfortable and can even be transferred to humans.

Lop-eared Blue Rabbit
Rabbits that live outside can easily attract fleas

If your rabbit lives outdoors, then they can pick up fleas from cats that roam throughout your neighborhood. Other rabbits can also pass on fleas, so when meeting other bunnies, make sure that the other owner has thoroughly checked their rabbits beforehand, and make sure that you thoroughly check your rabbit beforehand.

Fleas can be transmitted to pretty much any other household animal, so if you do have other pets at home, it is a good idea to give them regular flea treatments to minimise the chances of them or your rabbit suffering.

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