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How Often To Clean A Rabbit

Most breeds of rabbit will very seldom need to be cleaned. Much like cats, rabbits are very tidy creatures and will do the vast majority of grooming themselves. They will lick their fur and use their paws to get to those hard-to-reach areas. If you keep more than one rabbit, they will groom each other as well. Grooming one another is a sign that your rabbits are getting along well, and it keeps them both clean and parasite free.

 Rabbit breeds
Most rabbits breeds keep themselves clean with no problems

If your rabbits go outside a lot, or if you have a long-haired breed, then grooming them once in a while may be needed. Some breeds, such as the Angora, will need grooming every day.

One of the few things that you will need to do is regularly check your rabbit’s behind for any faecal buildup. An untidy bottom can make your pet susceptible to a horrible condition called flystrike. Flystrike can often be fatal, so it is very important that you do whatever you can to prevent it. Keep your rabbits and their living area clean and tidy. Make sure to dispose of any faeces. Spot-cleaning once or twice a day when you feed your rabbits is a good way to minimise any risk.

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