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Chicken Behavior

Chickens display a variety of behaviors – the majority of them are mild and endearing, often entertaining, but can sometimes take on an aggressive undertone. The vast majority of the behaviors we observe are perfectly normal, and are part of your flock’s everyday interactions. The ones that raise a valid cause of concern are hard to miss, and should be addressed quickly. In the following pages, we will discuss what normal chicken behavior looks and sounds like, and what to do if you notice any negative behaviors from your flock.

Close up of a chicken looking to the left.
It's important to make sense of your chicken's behavior to spot any early signs of sickness or distress.

Omlet and your balanced flock

Every flock needs a balanced social structure. That’s why we’ve created chicken products that help you keep your hens’ hierarchy in harmony. From chicken runs with optional partitions, to roomy and comfortable chicken coops, your flock will feel and act their best. And, for those times when tensions run high, stock up on chicken anti-peck and healing solutions to help your hens feel better on the fly.

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