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How To Wash A Chicken

There isn’t usually a need to wash a chicken unless you are showing a chicken. You may feel that you want to get your white chicken back to a nice shiny white or give your hens some TLC. Whatever your reason for giving a bath you should make sure you do it the correct way to avoid stressing your chicken out.

If your hens get a little muddy they might want a wash
If your hens get a little muddy they might want a wash

If done with care your chicken may end up enjoying the experience. Read on to find out the best way to get a squeaky clean chicken. Using a sink is the best and easiest way to wash a chicken.

  1. Fill the sink with warm water and place your chicken in the water for a couple of minutes. Take the chicken out and place on a flat surface such as the draining board if you have one. You can use baby shampoo and a toothbrush to gently scrub your chickens legs and feet, Try to gently remove and dirt.

  2. Return your chicken to the sink and using a jug pour water over the chicken's body. It may take a while to fully wet your chicken as they have some waterproofing on their feathers.

  3. Work up a lather on the feathers with baby shampoo or a special poultry shampoo. Be careful and ensure you have washed everywhere on your chicken. Take care when washing the head to not got soap in your chickens eyes.

  4. Rinse the soap off your chicken. Ensure that there are no traces of soap left as this may affect the condition of the feather when your chicken is dry.

  5. Take your chicken out of the sink and wrap it in a towel.

  6. Using a cotton bud wipe around the beak and nostril to get rid of any dirt or dust.

  7. Pat dry your chicken.

  8. You can use a hair dryer to dry your chicken. If you choose this method you should have the lowest heat setting and lowest power setting. Blow the feather in the direction they grow working from the head down to the vent. Work your fingers through the feathers to aid drying. If your chicken lifts its wings it may be too hot so stop for a while letting your chicken cool down and then begin again.

  9. You can dry your chicken by putting them in a box with a heat lamp or placing them by a fire (this is difficult unless you have trained your chicken to sit still). Generally a warm room is best way to dry a chicken quickly.

Top Tips: Never leave your chicken unattended in water. Don’t place a wet bird in a cold environment. If your chicken is panicking stop washing her and try again when she has calmed down.

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