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Chicken Toys

Like other pets, chickens enjoy playing. They may not have the same mannerisms when it comes to playtime as our dogs and cats do, but if you watch your hens closely you’ll see how they prefer to play. Pecking, perching, preening – all of these behaviors are exhibited by hens that are having fun. See how chicken toys can help stimulate your flock and satisfy their natural instincts and behaviors.

Why do chickens need to play?

Boredom can affect animals of all species, and chickens are no exception. Bored chickens can become depressed or act out when they aren’t physically and mentally stimulated. Chickens need the company of other flockmates, but they also need activities to do as a group as well as individually. To avoid undesirable behaviors and to keep your chickens fit and active, you’ll need to make sure they have plenty to keep them busy.

Close up of chicken perched on Chicken Swing inside Omlet Walk In Run.
The Omlet Chicken Swing is a perfect playtime addition to your Walk In Run.

Types of chicken toys

Chicken toys are an easy and effective way to keep your flock engaged. They challenge both their minds and bodies in ways that mimic the opportunities presented in nature. From toys that offer them a new vantage point, to those that reward them with food, these additions to your setup will be the delight of all flock members.


Perching is a natural behavior that nearly every species of bird has in common. Chickens perch for a variety of reasons, like to scope out potential food or dangers, to get off of the frozen or muddy ground, or to take a midday rest. You’ll also notice your hens hopping up and down from perches repeatedly, which is a playful behavior.

Some chicken breeds can’t hop or flap as high up to perch as others. Heavy breeds like Brahmas and Orpingtons, and breeds with unconventional feathering like Silkies are among these. To accommodate your entire flock, we’ve designed chicken perches with adjustable heights to help hens access the heights they desire.

Our customizable PoleTree chicken perch system allows you to create a full perching playground for your flock inside of their run. With optional treat dishes and connection kits, you can design the ultimate course for your chickens to explore. Or, for free-range flocks, our Freestanding chicken perch can be placed and moved with ease. And with the optional weathervane for the top, it adds a touch of whimsy to your yard.

The Chicken Swing

This unique chicken toy puts a creative twist on perching. Hens love the gentle swaying motion of the Chicken Swing, and its unique design is a charming addition to your flock’s run. The movement of the swing helps your hens practice balance and coordination, but it also makes an excellent place to take a quick nap. Much like your favorite porch swing or hammock, the Chicken Swing can lull hens to sleep in the warmth of a sunny day.

Chicken pecking at the Omlet Peck Toy
An Omlet Peck Toy is the perfect enrichment toy for dispensing treats.

Treat dispensing toys

In the wild, or when chickens are free-ranging, they will set off in search of edible plants and insects. But even though we often associate chickens with scratching the ground (which they are also adept at, to be sure), they’ll also reach up to bushes, tree trunks, or low hanging branches to peck at climbing or flying bugs and berries or other vegetation.

The Caddi Chicken Treat Holder provides the variety your chickens would find in nature, while elevating their snacking to help stretch their muscles and critical thinking skills. The Pendant Peck Toy offers similar benefits, but is designed to hold scratch grains or dried insects and reduces waste along the run floor. The Poppy Peck Toy also serves smaller snacks, but in a more stationary design that can be placed anywhere in the run, yard, or area enclosed by chicken fencing.

DIY chicken toys

There are other ways to keep your flock occupied in addition to our unique designs. Some DIY chicken toy ideas include:

  • Scratch or sensory bins – fill large shallow containers like a toddler wading pool with materials like leaves, dirt, or shredded paper and toss treats inside for your flock to scratch around in
  • Xylophones – mount them to the sides of the run and watch the colorful tiles entice hens to show off their musical talents
  • Mirrors – hens enjoy looking at themselves almost as much as we like watching them – just take care not to place mirrors in direct sunlight
  • Cat toys – some chickens enjoy tossing or scratching around small cat toys like balls with bells – just take care to avoid stuffed toys, as chickens can peck them apart

Omlet brings fun to your flock

We believe that chicken keeping should be anything but ordinary. From our unique and ingeniously designed chicken coops to our technologically advanced Autodoor, gone are the days of boring chicken chores. Bring excitement to your flock and your routine with our entire line of chicken products, designed to bring fun and joy to your life.

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