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Keeping Chickens in Delaware, Florida, Georgia

We’ve compiled a list of major cities and their chicken keeping laws in Delaware, Florida, and Georgia. Laws are always subject to change, so be sure to visit your city’s website or zoning office to obtain the most up to date information. And, even if you don’t live within city limits, you may be subject to county laws. If you don’t see your city or county of residence listed, contact your appropriate office to verify if there are laws that apply to keeping chickens.


Delaware shares a rich history with chickens, which probably contributes to them being widely accepted throughout the state. There are a few cities that don’t currently allow chickens, and certain zoning determinations may affect your chicken-keeping in Delaware dreams — be sure to check with your city’s office if you aren’t sure about how your property is zoned.

  • Bear - up to 6 chickens allowed
  • Brookside - up to 6 chickens allowed
  • Claymont - up to 6 chickens allowed
  • Dover - up to 25 hens; no roosters
  • Hockessin - up to 6 chickens allowed
  • Middletown - chickens not allowed
  • Milford - up to 5 hens; no roosters; permit required
  • Newark - up to 6 hens; no roosters
  • Smyrna - chickens not allowed in residential zones, but are allowed in agricultural zones
  • Wilmington - no chickens allowed

Man crouched down to feed his chickens next to spacious Eglu Cube Chicken Coop with Run in Florida.
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Florida is a very chicken-friendly state, but most cities require permits in order to obtain chickens. There are varying rules regarding roosters, so be sure to look closely at the current laws, or contact your city’s office if you want a rooster as part of your flock.

  • Cape Coral - no official limit; permit required
  • Fort Lauderdale - up to 4 chickens; permit required
  • Hialeah - up to 4 hens; no roosters; permit required
  • Jacksonville - reasonable number of chickens for the size lot; permit required
  • Miami - up to 15 hens and 30 chicks; no roosters; permit required
  • Orlando - up to 4 hens; no roosters; permit required
  • Port St. Lucie - no official limit; no roosters
  • St. Petersburg - up to 10 hens; no roosters
  • Tallahassee - no official limit; 1 rooster per flock
  • Tampa - 1 hen per 1,000sqft of land; no roosters; permit required


Another chicken-friendly state, some cities in Georgia allow generous numbers of chickens to be kept in backyards. Permits are required in some cities, or prior approval must be given by the county. Warner Robins is the only city on our list that currently doesn’t allow chickens — despite multiple efforts to change this ruling.

  • Athens - up to 6 hens; no roosters; permit required
  • Atlanta - up to 25 chickens; permit required
  • Augusta - up to 6 hens depending on zoning; no roosters
  • Johns Creek - up to 75 chickens; permit required
  • Mableton - 1 hen per 5,000sqft of land for lots under 2 acres; no roosters on lots less than 2 acres
  • Macon - no limit, but must obtain county approval beforehand
  • Sandy Springs - up to 75 chickens depending on lot size
  • Savannah - up to 30 hens; no roosters on lots less than 2 acres; permit required
  • South Fulton - up to 75 chickens depending on lot size
  • Warner Robins - no chickens allowed

Omlet and your flock

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Bell, 30 January 2024

Gilchrist county allows chickens and not on list. Also Columbia county.

Peter, 19 March 2023

Saint Petersburg Florida is limited to 4 hens. Roosters are banned in ALL of Pinellas County.

Geoff, 18 February 2023

Marietta, GA is completely off on this list. You are only allowed 4 hens and must provide 25 sq. ft. for each. No roosters.

An Omleteer, 4 November 2022

Your Florida lists are very inaccurate many of the allowed municipalities are in actuality prohibited. And some in the prohibited list have backyard programs. If your a Floridian looking to raise chickens do not go by this list, look up your cities codes on Municode or call your city's code compliance officer.

Mary, 14 November 2021

Deltona, Florida allows 5 hens, no roosters. Permit is required, but easy to receive.