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Keeping Chickens in Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois

We’ve compiled a list of major cities and their chicken keeping laws in Hawaii, Idaho, and Illinois. Laws are always subject to change, so be sure to visit your city’s website or zoning office to obtain the most up to date information. And, even if you don’t live within city limits, you may be subject to county laws. If you don’t see your city or county of residence listed, contact your appropriate office to verify if there are laws that apply to keeping chickens.


Hawaii is famous as a tropical paradise. And, as descendants of Junglefowl, domesticated chickens can be quite comfortable in this climate. Most cities in Hawaii have small flock requirements, mostly due to the close proximity of neighbors as is common with island living.

An Eglu Go chicken coop in a backyard with two chickens inside attached run
The Eglu Go chicken coop is perfect for smaller flocks!


Idaho is a chicken-friendly state, but there are flock size restrictions and permits for most cities. Some cities are vague in their labeling of chickens as livestock or pets, so be sure to contact the city office before making definitive decisions.

  • Boise - up to 6 hens; no roosters; permit required
  • Caldwell - up to 10 hens; no roosters; permit required
  • Coeur d’Alene - up to 2 hens; no roosters
  • Idaho Falls - up to 6 hens on lots at least 5,000sqft; can have 1 additional hen per 1,250sqft over the 5,000sqft minimum; limited to 12 hens total; no roosters; permit required
  • Lewiston - no official limits; permit required
  • Meridian - no official limits
  • Nampa - up to 10 hens; no roosters; permit required
  • Pocatello - no official limits, but must submit a written application with the Director of Animal Services for a permit to obtain both hens and roosters
  • Twin Falls - up to 4 hens, but can apply for a permit to obtain more; no roosters; no permit required for 4 or fewer hens

Green Eglu Cube Chicken Coop attached to large Walk In Chicken Run in a backyard in Idaho.
The Eglu Cube chicken coop is perfect for both newbies and advanced hen keepers.


If you live in Illinois, you may run into laws that prohibit owning chickens within the city limits, or under certain zoning determinations. Chickens are still considered livestock in many Illinois cities, so further petitions and changes will need to occur to make this state more widely accepting of backyard flocks.

  • Aurora - no chickens allowed unless property is agriculturally zoned
  • Champaign - up to 6 hens; no roosters; permit required
  • Chicago - up to 10 chickens depending on lot size; permit required
  • Elgin - up to 4 hens; no roosters; permit required
  • Joliet - no chickens allowed
  • Naperville - up to 8 hens; no roosters; permit required
  • Peoria - no chickens allowed
  • Rockford - no chickens allowed
  • Springfield - chickens are allowed in most zones, but flock size varies by residential zone; permit required
  • Waukegan - no chickens allowed

Omlet and your flock

With sanitary chicken coops in alignment with state recommendations, we’ve got the setups you need to have a thriving backyard flock in compliance with your city. Our mobile chicken coops and walk in chicken runs make it easy to create your hen’s home within the parameters set forth in your area.

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Amy, 18 September 2023

Naperville allows up to 8 hens, no roosters

Chris, 1 May 2023

Pana, IL does not allow chickens Sec. 4-7. - Keeping certain animals prohibited. It shall be unlawful to have, keep or maintain, within the city limits, any bear, lion, tiger, monkey, wolf or any other animal by nature wild or undomesticated, except that such animals when securely caged may be permitted to be temporarily within the city limits for exhibition purposes only. It shall be unlawful and it is hereby declared to be a nuisance to keep cattle, swine, sheep, goats, horses, chickens, ducks, roosters, ponies or such animals within three hundred (300) feet of any dwelling house, store, church, hospital, nursing home, school or other structure occupied by human beings.

Victoria, 12 June 2022

Elgin allows 4 hens/ with a permit. No roosters

Phylisha-, 24 March 2022

Jacksonville IL municipal code says it allows 4 hens and no roosters. I called the municipal office to double check on this.

An Omleteer, 22 March 2022

What about Arlington Heigts, IL 60004?