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Settling in a new dog

From the nerve-wracking car journey home to the first pitter-patter of their paws as they explore their new surroundings, welcoming home a new dog is a feeling like no other. Becoming a pet parent means plenty of fun ahead but that doesn’t mean it’s all plain sailing. Settling in a new dog can take time but with plenty of patience, training and the right products, your pup can be comfortable knowing they’ve got a place to call home.

Dog settling in on the Omlet Bolster Dog bed in the Omlet Fido Studio Dog Crate

Dog settling in on the Omlet Bolster Dog Bed in the Omlet Fido Studio Dog Crate.

Pre pup checklist

Whether you’re bringing home a new puppy or adopting a rescue dog, there are a few products you’ll need before they arrive. While not an exhaustive list, it’s best to have these basic supplies prior to collecting them.

The perfect bed

Too soft, too firm, too big or too small. Finding the perfect dog bed can be confusing. But, at Omlet we’ve taken the guesswork out of tricky decisions by designing a bed to last a lifetime. The Topology Dog Bed is perfect for puppies and senior dogs alike, with a memory foam mattress and removable, zip-off topper for easy cleaning and optional feet to improve home hygiene. Just ensure to check our Dog bed size guide if you’re getting a puppy, as you’ll need to base it on their predicted fully-grown weight.

A safe haven

It’s incredibly important that your new dog feels safe as you’re settling them in. A dog crate is ideal for just that, creating an enclosed space to call their own. You can also place their bed in the crate for extra comfort or even a dog blanket to create the ultimate snoozing spot as soon as they arrive.

Fido-approved toys

Playing with your dog is a great way to bond, so establishing this element in your relationship from the get go is a sure way to help them settle in. Ensure you have a range of age-appropriate dog toys at the ready for plenty of playtime. Once your new dog has discovered their favorite toy, it can also be a great comfort for them when you’re not around.

Homecoming’s here

If you’re bringing home a new dog, have fresh water at the ready in their dog bowl. They’ll likely be thirsty after their car journey and need to go potty. Take them to where they need to use the toilet, whether that’s the backyard or on training pads, and give them praise if they go in the right place.

Puppy or older dog, it’s important not to overwhelm them. What we may consider everyday occurrences such as the mail van, the neighbor’s car door, the barking of a neighborhood dog, or the gurgle of the central heating, are all new for your puppy or rescue dog. Ensure that you get your pup used to these new sights and sounds by making it into a fun experience with treats, playtime and praise. You’ll soon find them exploring their new surroundings and becoming familiar with the many different scents of the home.

Also, ensure that any introductions with members of the household are kept positive and that children are not overly boisterous. Integrate them into the family and slowly introduce them to other friends and family members. Socialization is crucial but in the very early days, keep visits from outside the home brief.

If you’re collecting your new dog from a shelter, they may have been through a lot before you rescued them. While an exciting time, being adopted by a new family or owner can also be stressful for your four-legged friend. Read our previous blog on 7 tips to help your rescue dog establish a routine for expert advice on the first few weeks with your adopted dog.

When nighttime arrives

The first few nights with a new dog can be restless. If you have a puppy, they’ll likely need to be let out at night to use the bathroom, which can unsettle both you and them. This stage won’t last long as you establish a routine and get them into a habit of going before everyone goes to bed.

It’s not just needing the bathroom that can disturb nighttime either. Puppy dog eyes and pitiful whining can be difficult to resist when they’re pleading to jump into your bed (especially when you’re sleep-deprived). Providing your new dog with a comfortable, supportive bed, like the Topology, that they won’t want to leave will help, though. Their own bed should be a space they love, so you might find that making it even comfier with a dog blanket can help them settle in those first few nights when everything is new.

The first vet visit

In the week that your dog begins to settle, you’ll need to take them to the vet. This is the opportunity to get their health assessed and schedule any vaccinations. It’s also a great chance to get them used to being in the car and introduce the vets as a positive environment.

Omlet and your new dog

Make your new dog feel right at home with Omlet’s range of pet products. From dog beds that they won’t want to leave, to luxury dog blankets and secure dog crates, Omlet has carefully designed everything your puppy or older dog could need to settle in and start building that special bond with you.

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