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7 Best Dog Breeds With Children

The best all round family dog breeds are those who can tolerate all kinds of behaviour, from screaming and shouting, to running and jumping. The following are some of the best dog breeds to go for if you have children.

1 - Newfoundland

A Newfoundland chasing a frizbee
The Newfoundland loves kids - and frizbees!

This gentle giant is an incredible family dog with a huge heart. Newfoundlands make the perfect playmate for children, and take endless pleasure from pulling them around in boxes as if they were pulling sleds across snow. They also happily become a warm pillow to cuddle up to.

2 - Labrador Retriever

A chocolate Lab carrying a stick
A chocolate Labrador carrying a stick far too big for a game of fetch

Labradors have a wonderful, loving nature. Their loyal, friendly and playful take on life makes them top candidates for best all-round dog in the world, perfect for families. So if you're looking for a dog that you can trust to tire out your children a Labrador Retriever is definitely the answer.

3 - English Bulldog

A Bulldog running and drooling at the same time
These Bulldogs drool a lot - something to be aware of if you're considering getting one

Although Bulldogs can appear stocky and fierce, they are actually very gentle and friendly with children. They are one of the most chilled breeds, either relaxed or lazy, depending how you look at it, and love to curl up and sleep on a cosy lap. Their guarding instincts also makes them fairly protective of their close friends and family.

4 - Boxer

A beautiful young Boxer lying in the Autumn leaves
A beautiful young Boxer lying in the Autumn leaves

Boxers are very people oriented dogs and love nothing more than to spend all day with their friends and family, especially children. They are gentle, caring, and cuddly, but they can be quite energetic and bouncy if they haven't been exercised. To help them lose this excess energy, exercise Boxers before allowing playtime with your children.

5 - Irish Setter

An Irish Setter with its massive tongue out
An Irish or Red Setter, with no shortage of tongue!

Irish Setters are great family dogs. They love being around people, playing with children and taking part in training sessions. They have enough energy to keep up with the kids, and make a wonderful household dog.

6 - Beagle

Two young Beagles playing with a tennis ball
Beagles have loads and loads of energy, always on the lookout for something to track, chase or chew

Beagles are very intelligent and friendly dogs who find it easy to get on with anybody if socialized early. They have boundless energy, are re hardly ever the first ones to tire out during games, even with the most athletic and energetic children.

7 - Golden Retriever

A Golden Retriever with a lovely thick coat
A Golden Retriever is for many people the Classic Dog

Golden Retrievers are full of energy, and match this with great intelligence and eagerness to please. They are the top dog breed when it comes to games of fetch, so this is a great game to play when bonding with the dog.

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Faylinn, 9 June 2016

My husband really wants us to get a dog, but I want to make sure that we get one that would be good with our three young children. I love the idea of getting a Newfoundland, though, because it is very gentle. However, how well does that breed do with protecting homes? I just want to make sure that whatever dog we bring into our home could be both gentle and protective.