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Should I get a pedigree or a crossbreed dog?

Each breed and cross-breed differs in terms of size, temperament, coat type and potential health issues. The question is, should you get a pedigree or crossbreed dog? It’s essential to do your homework first, to find the dog best suited for you.

Pedigree vs crossbreed dogs

Dogs can be categorized as either pedigree (purebred parents), crossbreed (two different pedigree parents), and mongrel or mutt (unknown heritage).

Pedigree and some mixed-breed dogs tend to come from specialist breeders and are relatively expensive, whereas mutts can cost very little to buy.

Depending on what’s important for you in a dog, each type has their own unique advantages and disadvantages, which we’ll explore in the following sections of this guide.

Pedigree dogs

A pedigree dog is one that has purebred parents of the same breed. Due to the relative predictability of these breeds, you’ll know what to expect in terms of their traits, coat type and potential health problems before you’ve even welcomed your new pet into your home.

Examples of pedigree breeds include Labrador retriever, dalmatian, corgi, poodle, bichon frise, golden retriever, dachshund, Afghan hound, Siberian husky and English bulldog.

Crossbreed dogs

Crossbreeds have purebred parents of two different breeds. They’re often bred for the desired traits of each parent breed, and are generally considered to be healthier than pedigrees due to their diverse gene pool. Popular crossbreed dogs include the Cockapoo, Puggle and Labradoodle.

Every dog has their own unique personality, but researching the breeds you’d like to own is essential to knowing their breed-specific traits and temperaments. The Omlet dog guide will expand on the advantages and disadvantages of owning specific dog breeds, to help you find one that's best suited to you and your family.

Omlet and your dog

At Omlet, our mission is to make products that bring people closer to their pets. Regardless of whether you own a pedigree or crossbreed, Omlet has a whole range of essential dog products to suit the needs of every dog. From dog crates, to comfy dog beds and dog blankets, we engineer our designs with your dog’s security, comfort and happiness at the forefront.

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Jug, 23 June 2016

We have a crossbreed dog, a Jug, and we are over the moon with how much of an addition he is to the family. However, we understand that for some crossbreed is a 'designer' option but for us it was the best of two breeds.